Foil Form. Inc. a subsidiary of Foil Die International was created to focus on the design and manufacture of peripheral devices used in the production of aluminum foil containers with a focus on automation and ease of use.


Foil Form - Production Equipment

Press Peripheral Design & Manufacture

  • Custom stacking solutions built to your specification. Many styles of catch, count, and conveying stackers for aluminum foil containers.
  • Air consoles for the control of air cushions in foil container dies.
  • Dereelers used to unwind the coil of aluminum and deliver it to the press.

Repair & Maintenance

  • Repair and maintenance for existing peripheral devices and device we design and build. This service can be as simple as routine maintenance of components or as complex as a re-design to accommodate a different container.

 Production Testing & Troubleshooting

  • Our staff has extensive experience in implementing, running and maintaining foil tooling, scrap systems, peripheral equipment and packaging equipment. We are able to provide customers with a comprehensive resource for answering most questions that arise in the production of foil containers. We can offer onsite evaluation of the entire foil container manufacturing process, to develop action plans for process improvements.

Pickup & Delivery

  • Foil Form can provide pickup/delivery of peripheral equipment with our own truck, this provides safe transportation of sensitive items and a way to control the timing of repairs.