At FDI, we have pioneered a new tool for analyzing your production setups. Through proprietary hardware and software designed in-house, we have built a production data tracking solution to allow you to see real-time information on all of your production facilities from anywhere in the world.


Production Data Tracking

Micro & Macro View of Production Data

  • See historical and real-time production data of setups, allowing you to see short-term & long-term trends in your production and identify inefficiencies.

  • View average strokes per minute, downtime by reason code, waste by reason code, up-time, and waste on a real-time or historic scale for each die.

Downtime Issue Identification

  • Our hardware fits into your individual setups and will identify each instance of downtime through detecting which stop has triggered. Coupled with operator input about the causes of the downtime gives you a complete view of the causes and starts the process for improving productivity.

  • Through collecting information about downtime we are able to identify the main causes of downtime for each setup and superimpose that information with shift data, allowing you to identify your major setup issues.