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In addition to our manufacturing services, we offer knowledge transfer & professional consultation services as well. Over the last 20 plus years of operation, we have accumulated extensive experience in optimizing press, stacker, dereeler configurations, and provide the following services to transfer this knowledge to your setup technicians as well as optimize your production setups.


Consulting Services

Setup Troubleshooting Training

  • We can arrange hands-on troubleshooting training sessions at Foil Die Intl. with our skilled technicians for your setup technicians to train them on specific dies, stackers, dereelers, or entire production setups.

Value Stream Optimization

  • We can send our skilled engineers and technicians to troubleshoot setups on-site. We will go through your production setup from the feeding system all they way to the stacking system and present you with actions you can take to improve output right away, as well as tools to invest in to be more productive in the future.